atelier lieverse was founded by christiaan lieverse in 2015

atelier lieverse creates high-quality editions that guarantee the authenticity of christiaan lieverse. the editions are based on selected originals and are fully realized in the studio, under close supervision and together with christiaan. the small and exclusive circulation is numbered and individually manufactured, making each work unique.

an edition comes in different executions, circulations, and sizes. the basis is a photo of the original artwork, in some cases digitally adjusted before being printed with archival uv-ink directly on prepared canvas. each work gets multiple layers of texture-based paint, wall paint, and acrylics. while of course, the basis in each artwork is identical, in the end, the artworks in the edition are significantly different because of different techniques being used like destroying, burning, smudging and painting. each work is signed on the front by Lieverse and numbered on the back and provided with the blue handprint.

the work is about the world of today. identity and diversity in a globalizing world; cultural identity and migration; social identity in a growing virtual environment. Combining beauty and strangeness or imperfection creates curiosity which offers a new perspective as an invitation to contemplate on contemporary themes.